A highlight from Ep 425 | How To Hold Fast to Christ Through Persecution | Guest: Pastor Andrew Brunson


Hey guys welcome to relatable. I am so excited for you to listen to this conversation that i am having a missionary andrew brunson. You might remember a couple years ago. he was released from prison in turkey where he and his wife had served missionaries for several years and he immediately went to the white house in talk to president. Trump thinks president trump for his efforts for congress's efforts where american christians efforts in prayers in getting him released from prison brought back to the united states. He has a lot of encouragement for us. He's gonna talk about his story. What it was like in prison the lessons that he learned and then what he thinks. American christians are facing as far as persecution goes on and he's going to give us a lot of practical advice a lot of biblical wisdom. That i think all of us need to take to heart. It's a very edifying episode. It's very grounding episode And i'm really excited for you to listen to it so without further ado. Here's andrew brunson enter. Thank you so much for joining me. I think most people know your story But could you just remind people who maybe don't know who you are. And what you do. My wife and i were in turkey for twenty five years as missionaries and it ended in an unexpected way as spent the last two years of that prison and a lot of people prayed from around the world. That's why some of your viewers will know we are just because I became one of the most pregnant for people i was held for two years I would summarize it as the first year was a year of breaking and the second year. God rebuilt me during prison. It was still very difficult but there was a rebuilding process. Can you talk about that a little bit more. Most of us in america. You know we can't imagine that level of persecution. What it would be like to be a foreign jail for preteen gospel. So can you talk about what that broken looked like in the first year. And then how guide rebuilt you now so from reading biographies and Just the general expectations i had. I expected that. When i first of all i didn't think i go to prison. No one else had under president turkey in living memory for their faith. So i was of the first one now. We had counted other things as a cost other pressures that we had there were threats that were you know there was some rest during our time there. But i hadn't thought of prison. So when i arrived there i thought Will i'm going to have a sense of strengthen of grace and i certainly had graces. I look back but it was. It was an unfiltered graced for the most part and What really surprised me was that i didn't have that sense of and especially of god's presence in i remember one of the things i struggled with was I had come to know. God is my loving kind gentle father. And i thought how can my kind gentle loving father allow me to be broken so thoroughly. Not give me a sense of his presence. This is what really surprised me. Is those two years in prison for like a a dark knight. The silence of god. I could call it now. I see many good things that came out of it. But that's what surprised me and that led to the isolation i was experiencing. I was the only christian in In the prisons.

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