A highlight from Bitcoin Crab Walking


Point seven percent at six hundred ninety three dollars and sixty five cents as really not a great deal of talk about when it comes to base hike. It's done nothing dot more or less the science down three percent at twenty two dollars fifty six to four hour trees. It isn't the rod zion. But again i wanna say stepping out a bit. Further really sort of s solidified. This little trend started and hopefully we can move hard today. Like coin one. Eighty one and seventeen cents down three point six percent pretty much more or less mirroring bitcoin. We've sign many times that Lot coin bitcoin gold. Bitcoin and lot coin is sort of bitcoin. Silva if that makes sense. It's the trend. Still there on the full. The daily is not we white. It's down three point. Five six percent bonds is actually held his ground today. One of two that has held his ground in the top ten. Its up point one of a percents. I'm not exactly anything to harm about. But it is that consolidating taught little ryan's around that three sixty mock it's currently three hundred fifty four dole's on the dangling and not much to say rates go to push for another leg out for me to be interested we'd cod donna. It's dull two down one percent right now again. Very saw buys looking market struggling around a dollar eighty. If when he kicked on thursday and save a push higher we will see a new high low on that four hour therefore starts gives us opportunity on kadan link had explosive die yesterday saying that it was twenty percent at tonight's pulled by five point. I saw the biggest connor in the top ten but it was the biggest increase yesterday. Sarraj kano. Right there in that cradles. There isn't i doubt trendy. The could actually be tried this as i want to have a little bit more risk associated with this market. But if you to do that. I would suggest to minimize that risk by minimizing the tried size because we still have not got any real strong clarity of direction and link also not in daily uptrend is at thirty seven. Twenty one cents downfall point nine percent by far the biggest guy. Top ten is still aluminum's is up three percent at forty one cents right now. That dilate trying to steal not implant started a pool by a little bit more gangs were far greater on step up not too long ago it since pulled back away bit so rot now. As a matter of holding whiting full demolished pa whiting fillets to kick in waiting for the market to give it a little bit more sohn's alive and then and only then we have more opportunity. Look after yourself have a fantastic diagnose page again very soon now.

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