Social Isolation Is a Solvable Problem for People With Disabilities



My mom found an atari really really poor My mom money. She had bought me a used. Atari hurry from one of those used electronic stores and we ended up playing like burger master. Something you like. Put a burger together. When you're talking about burger type. I remember it now but it was. It wasn't adorable piece of machinery at the time. Nintendo was already out. We couldn't afford one of those She was just really thrilled. That i was able to operate the controller at all the earliest. When i played with super mario one and duck of course and then i had super mario three. But i never got super mario to. It's always bothered me. I played all of those although we have to touch on the fact that we shot ducks snowing. Dog often up in the middle your screen. And he's like my dad. We get angry. It'd be like why is that talk like right next to the tv. Tried to shoot the so to be clear. No dogs were harmed in the making of duck video game. not that i know of a outlet. You were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. Can you tell me a little bit about how it impacted you in gaming so spinal. Muscular atrophy is a sister disease to a less. So if you saw stephen hawkins' have you know anybody who is afflicted with a less than you kind of have an idea what i'm going through in my life. So essentially my muscles are getting weaker and weaker as time goes on where ellis is much quicker in its development. Sf can last for your entire lifetime. So you could live an entire seventy eighty ninety years And it might never take your life or you might only live for a couple of months past when i was born. I wasn't able to crawl like a child is supposed to x. amount of milestones. My mom's thirty noticing that was using my arms to pull myself around. My lower legs weren't pushing. They should've been

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