Victor Noir's Mysterious Erection


Year more than three million people visit the parish cemetery in paris it's home to hundreds of thousands of tombs. And you can buy a map directing you to all the graves of the cemetery. Most famous residents folks like the singer. Jim morrison and writers like oscar wilde and produced but among that list of celebrities and historical figures is a name that pretty much. No one will recognize but whose tomb attracts a lot of visitors. And i'm very certain kind of visitor with a very certain kind of neat. it's the tomb of victor noir. Victor nor was a journalist in paris in the eighteen hundreds and he didn't publish anything especially remarkable during a short lifetime and he probably would have been forgotten a history if it weren't for the fact that he was shot and killed by prince pierre. Bonaparte the nephew of napoleon that act triggered a wave of protests and led to the commissioning of a statue by the acclaimed. Sculptor jules delauro. But even that isn't really why people are visiting his grave today. The visit for more personal reasons and they aren't there for victor exactly. The statue that covers. Victor noirs grave depicts him laying down as if he had just been shot and that alone is kind of just. But then you notice a couple of other things. I the crotch of this statue has a bulge to it in second. The bulge is very very shiny. Though the statue was largely darkin discolored that particular part has been polished by the hands of countless win over the decades women who are drawn to the statue of victor nawar because rubbing it supposedly confers. Good luck in love and fertility. The full ritual involves kissing his lips rubbing the bulge and dropping a flower in his hat.

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