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Welcome to true mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often lost in the midst of time. I'm your host kit chrome today to phantom ghost ship stories i call shivering timbers but remember to keep listening after this for the joanna. Bright dungeness bay cozy mystery series. I call storm front but now shivering timbers. The pacific northwest leans tentatively into the powerful pacific ocean the overwhelming roar of the ocean terrible roiling of its water strike onto those who set foot on our oregon beaches equally mysterious. The calmer waters flowing darkly around our many inlets sheer black rocks drop into darker waters. Brown kelp beckons with links the tentacles reaching up from the ocean floor and overhead tortured pines cling to crumbling good some dirt fighting to evade the inevitable grasp of the c. For just one more winter and they're in our the to ship stories shivering timbers. We begin with the four lighthouse keepers. Tomac rock witnessed an amazing sight. One stormy day. A derelict ship drifted perilously close to the rock might helps crew member. Jim gibbs tells of how his early morning sleep was broken by shelves from fellow crewman bleeping out of bed and into my pants. I was outside enough. Flash in sweden was waiting for me. He pointed to the dim outline of a vessel partying the strands of missed less than a quarter of a mile away. It's dull grey sole wet london with the sky and see and hinting mystery through the eyeglass one could tell that she was an old steamer. Her seem said open. The oakham had baked out through a series of summers badly hog. Her dexin grown sodden from rain in seawater and the rigging hung limp from four and main mast tilted like a broken spiderweb against the dismal sky. The dingy paint was peeling from her size. Streaks of rust from iron fittings had left telltale marks a pilothouse with partly stove in and the cabin portholes creaked open and shut with the pulse of the ocean. Kids told how that derelict drifted closer and closer to the rocks. A coast guard cutter was radioed but it was clear that cutter would not reach the vessel before. She broke herself to pieces on tomo rock. The ship showed no signs of life and bore no traces of name registry. On her whole justice he inevitable clash of ship with rock was about to occur in the clutches of destruction. A stone's throw away. She became almost motionless in the viscous tied denied about her whole. She done spun about this. Oh some skillful navigator had taken the helm. But the stern stuck momentarily dislodging bulky rudder which drifted free as she squeezed by the perilous southwest corner. We could've spit on her decks as she passed below center. Death agonies gibbs said spar from disaster the sinister derelict pursued her ghostly course until she had vanished in the northwesterly miss on a voyage to nowhere. A thorough sweep of the area by sea and air was conducted by the coast guard but no ship or ships wreckage was ever found our second.

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