Will Donald Trump Run for President in 2024?


President to santa's is sworn in at noon on january twentieth. Twenty twenty five is the first guy he fires chris. Wray or general mark milley. Well i would. I would actually think since one of his campaign shirts Says don't sell my florida. I think he's i think he's might might be looking in that direction. i Race we we'll see. I think that all depends on what What former president trump decides to do. And then i think we're going to have a ripple effect from there. Well my my thought. Is that the president who has a big supporter of and i went to nevada with rick. Grenell to lawyer on his behalf after the disputed election of last november. I kinda i kinda think. Donald trump probably not going to run for a of reasons All of which make make make good sense you know. He's he's getting older ones. Spend time and i think he'd make a heck of a kingmaker. What do you what do you think. Do you think suppressants gonna run again. I think if If the decision were today. I put my money on he does. He's still fired up. And every time i've seen he's got a lot of energy and and what i enjoy and talking to them is just talking about all the things that he got done. He did it nearly as downloading What he what. He got accomplished that people in washington. Dc been opining about and hand wringing about for decades. The democrats had been asking for justice reform for decades Really joe biden's nineteen ninety four crime. Bill

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