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Good morning dana. Analytic secret agent. Let's call you shore whatever you need to put in there and everything and gwynn you do so many amazing things. What are you up to lately while i have been doing. A lot of workshops lately actually kind of guardian across the spectrum of being very analytic specific. And then you know branching beyond that into okay. Now that we have these analytics. How do we apply it to strategies so just kind of playing around with different workshop combinations of great ways to approach youtube strategy. Yeah and and a lot of people don't realize Both how the to make youtube great. It's a it's an understanding of the soft sciences and the hard sciences. Those and you're one of those unique people that can do both the analytics and the understanding the entertainment side of things. Right right yes. We have a temptation to put split those into two parts and make one of them. White tower has no idea how things work in the real world and then things go wrong because they're like oh this. This is statistically significant but adds two thousand dollars the cost of video so it's not cost effective so one side's me like we can't do that the other sides being like but it the pay on paper it says it works and it just gets to be a whole thing. That is half my life. I swear and for you the listeners. You know that as always you can follow along your podcast out with any links. We talked about or any links for men gwen and today. Gwen had this idea that we would talk about how to do youtube. Titles so youtube titles are super important. But there's i mean you could technically put almost any character any you title in any sort of order. But how would you do it right. I have some thoughts. And you have. I think some counter beliefs inexperience because li ye. Yeah we do different types of videos and have different experiences. Yup so we're going to go with this right. yes sir. Okay so my first thing. I wanted to talk about was how titles they really don't stand alone day. No absolutely not big. They're going with dario. Were they would stand alone. You never see one without the other ray. Right unless it's like a link somebody sent you an email or a lincoln a potentially in like a website or something but in almost every situation the title it goes not only with a thumbnail but it also goes with the actual topic right the topic in the title or technically not the same thing right. That is correct. You know and you know. Sometimes there is situations where i would actually say you will find in the wild a thumbnail title without a topic. And here's what i mean by those actually looking at example of today where i'm like i'm looking at this thumbnail. I'm looking at this title and videos about like entirely missing leg. I don't know what i'm getting. I'm clicking on this video. So i think it's very it very important to point out the fact that just because he titled something doesn't mean you're making it clear what this videos vote on what the topic is right. So an and. I think sometimes it's okay if it's enticing and is targeted towards the right group to be some not To be unclear to be a little vague. You know like if you if you had a title like i did it and the mail would be me holding my arms up or something like that. And if i had a loyal following that might be good enough. If you're mr be some peeve or pupae sure go ahead do that that this is though this is

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