The Story of Jose Marti: Poet, Patriot, Dreamer



Monty was born in louisiana on january twenty eighth eighteen fifty three aquarius. His parents were poor. spanish immigrants. His father was sent to cuba. As first sergeants from valencia. Yeah and so it. Only sixteen years of age as modesty was already arrested and accused of disloyalty to spain. It's interesting that he is one generation off from being spanish but at the young age of sixteen is already against spanish but he saw a lot of atrocities at the hands of the spanish. Exactly when we get into what life is like in cuba. During that time a lot of it was influenced by the spanish colonial rule. In so back will at the as early life. After he was arrested in accused he was sentenced to force labor. He got actually pretty lucky. Because he was granted clemency and deported to spain. The reason i say he was lucky is because A lot of other folks during this time. Who got accused of something like this loyalty. They were sent to the firing squad. So this teenager rebel. Who doesn't like spain and gets accused of disloyalty to spain get sent to spain. And what does he end up doing while you know what they say. I can allow gondola threat. Dasa so he gets to spain and he continues with his bullshit he continues making writings against the spanish and he specifically writes political prison in cuba where he described his experiences in cuba and critiques spanish further handling of him as a prisoner and further handling of

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