Paul Adler: No Globalization Without Representation


We're going to talk about the recent history globalization many of you listeners. May know that. I had a book out outside on in two thousand fifteen. They was looking at the large history of of of globalization and the kind of disasters that it's bonds around the world and this is something that means a whole lot to me. And you know it's long been my contention that progressives don't really take these issues seriously enough in our politics and i still certainly very much feel that way and today We are here To talk to paul power who is assistant professor of history colorado college and he has a incredibly important brand new book out about this very issue. Noble ization without representation. Us activists in Inequality it's just out from the university of pennsylvania press and so we're gonna ask us to talk about these issues. Thanks for joining us. Fall wonderful to be here. Would you start by describing your book a little bit so nicholas edition without representation is the story of emergence of a coalition of generally liberal left groups in united states concerned with the inequalities spawned by particularly neoliberal forms of globalisation. That arose the late nineteen seventies and early one thousand nine hundred eighty s and the book examines of variety of campaigns that different mainly nonprofit advocacy groups wage. Starting in the late nineteen seventies with the main part of the book going through the battle in seattle in nineteen ninety nine to try to create what they viewed as a more democratic and fairer form of global economic integration.

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