A highlight from 3418: Hot White Heist w/ Adam Goldman


Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. i'm i don't know if you heard. But there's an artist salvator gara jr au and. He's a famous italian artists but he just sold a sculpture. That's invisible only in his head for eighteen thousand dollars He does he act like is getting his mind in the room like does this fit in my imagination. Eighteen thousand dollars. You'd found a good sport to buy. I know someone who sold orgasm for eighteen thousand dollars. It's his it doesn't exist for some people well dreams can come true burdening sold. I've even bigger news. Yeah i just stole it. I haven't no so jokes on them. Good looks funds make me countless. Good luck finding it again Big news of course. Is that juneteenth as of recording this. That's tomorrow juneteenth. June nineteenth is an official federal holiday. It it's weird to use the word celebrate but it celebrates the time when all the slaves were told. Hey couple years ago we had the mansa patient proclamation You don't have to work here anymore if you don't want to. It's a very strange thing because fortuna half years. Yeah maybe three. She'll yeah the actual law was. You can't have slaves anymore. And the information got to texas two and a half years later on june nineteenth so i think instead of celebrate you say commemorate will commemorate eighteen sixty five and by the way it lands on saturday of course as we know and so so on the eighteenth people have the day off. Yeah which is funny right. The eighteen is the nineteenth observed. Yeah but it's it's interesting that we're freeing every buddy on the observed day right. Did you know. I didn't know this. I was talking to somebody this morning. Texas on january nineteenth has confederate heroes day kentucky the same on june third they heard. Mlk day and they're like yeah. Well we're gonna have a confederate heroes day. So there's there's some six eight holidays out there. That i had no idea about my god. America just wants a day off. Don't worry about it very soon. Memorial day all these weird you know. I don't know that and september. Eleventh is still not still not a day for that well better late than never everything could be made better for example. Stamps dot com. You go the post office. You think there's got to be a better way there as i do the post office from my house now still the post office. Sorry paying full price being in line with those people thinking.

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