White House press secretary says she was told to leave Virginia restaurant


Brian but here's the thing would i look with donald trump you saying that as a candidate that she was gonna fix gration you said she was going to fix this problem in our country on this show and then you know on our facebook the broadcast that we do changes ugly and you've got to be able to accept that ugliness in work through whatever that but that but that is what i'm i guess i'm disappointed in president donald trump right now not that he said the policy in place not that he went and said that zero tolerance not that just as there we can't do what he was saying in the beginning i'm upset that i'm this type of guy y'all if i say that i'm going to do something if i'm the leader i'm going to stand behind it grind i'm not gonna blame you because you were the person in charge before me sylvie was i'm not gonna blame you if you're the person who talk for me i took the ram i say i'm gonna fix this i know what you did but i mean come on man i mean president obama and bush called clinton now but here's the thing i'm tired of presidents calling other people out there everybody's forgetting is the immigration is something that no one wants to tackle there's no right or wrong way president donald trump said he was going to tackle it stand up and face the music behind start the

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