Many voters appear not focused on primaries, midterms


Do this do it right stand behind it good bad ugly however ugly look fix the immigration problem is a democrat or republican type thing this is an american thing we as americans red white and blue should be forcing our elected officials our legislators in both the house in the senate to act on this everybody that i've been getting into a conversation or discussion with this on social media i have a document that has all the contact information i just want to make a difference called these people and tell them to act don't have like nancy pelosi in two thousand fourteen saying let's not have this be a political issue and the now in two thousand eighteen cry about it or let's get to the phone lines robert what say you on this subject hey you know like calling you guys to do a correction so if he if you consume telephone number would you give me a call unless you want me to correct it on the air go ahead this love hate debate man yeah but you know i love him it's okay robin we can okay right i think he got that story about the canadian java incorrect she was held for two weeks in washington state two week and i was the one i said too much she says she was held in canada's then no it was a canadian money held in washington and and that that really bothered me and i can't help but say when i looked at the young person that's probably why they were held something you guys have got to understand okay has jeff sessions said months ago this is the trump era and i don't care the listeners don't like when i say this is the trump era and trump is bringing out the racist zane and our country all wrong don't go down that around let me finish let me finish looking at his rallies and then you see the people that are being interview after his rally and they refer to themselves as conservatives not the type of conservative people that i grew up with seven not the type of conservatives that i know in my neighborhood as an independent i cruise at thirty thousand feet and look at democrats and look at republicans it's the same thing with democrats far left liberal progressive that's not the same type of people that i grew up with but trump has tapped into this and brian you are highly intelligent young man and you know that and you will not as yet to it but you know it you cannot sit there and say everything was all hockey dory when it comes to race relations in this country and you cannot say donald trump has not a fire to it because he has okay does it whatever well you know we were experiencing race relations under barack obama we serious we were experiencing race relations on your george h w bush l we were experiencing relations under bill clinton under reagan it has not changed we have not progress alcazar stand with me brian.

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