Netflix communications chief out after 'insensitive' remark


Says the bill is to fight childhood obesity and diabetes when you look at the advertising particularly to low income communities spanish speaking communities we're up against hundred million billion dollar advertising campaign but state senator joel anderson says the measure actually would hurt poor families parents and i trust poor parents to know what's best for their children in this bill simply says that parents aren't capable of raising their children that's why big government needs to tell them they can only have milk and water under the bill parents would still be able to order juice puncher soda for their child they would just have to request it karen adams kennex ten seventy newsradio the oc fire authority and sheriff's department say they're hammering out the details of an agreement that could end a turf war over helicopter search and rescue missions the agreement is expected to address the majority of public safety concerns raised in a new oc grand jury report which was released after two years of jurisdictional feuds between airborne firefighters and sheriff's deputies you guys authority chief brian fantasy says those types of disagreements won't happen anymore issues do get resolved because we come together we identify what were we have similarities and differences and he says the new agreement will allow the two agencies to work collaboratively not competitively details will be announced soon the grand jury also recommend setting up a regional council for emergency air operations to prevent further infighting cooper rummell knx ten seventy newsradio twenty one percent of americans say they have experienced sexual harassment at work it's in a new survey it's his twenty seven percent of women fourteen percent of men say it's happened to them woodland hills attorney lisa bloom tells can she thinks that number is low partly she says because people still don't understand just what is harassment people think it only means being assaulted and of course sexual harassment conclude behavior that are verbal people feel uncomfortable and overly sexualizing workplace i've heard that the vast majority of women say that they have been sexually harassed in the workplace at some point in their professional careers only one in four women of the women surveyed by edison research said they felt confident that they could report the harassment without fear of retribution the lapd praises civic leader john mack who's died at eighty one that's coming up in just a couple of minutes immediate executive is out for using racist language joan doniger checks your money netflix ceo reed hastings sent a memo to the company explaining exactly why communications chief jonathan freedland was fired hollywood reporter says hastings cited freelance descriptive use of the n word in a meeting with his team is showing an unacceptably low racial awareness earlier this week intel ceo resigned for violating company policy after an investigation found he had had a relationship with an employee the weinstein company may be going at a bargain price it's cut the sale price to lantern capital partners for the.

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