Time Magazine Corrects Cover Story on Crying Migrant Girl, Admits Family Was Never Separated


Hey hey welcome this is the ben shapiro show and we have so much stupid news to get to today i mean tons of stupid news melania trump war very controversial jacket the media are deeply concerned with and political ran a story that is just mind bogglingly insanely ridiculous but we begin today with the time magazine cover that protrade president trump as an evil in the various man staring down crying illegal immigrant child well well well it turns out that this entire cover is a lie not only the cover wrong about president trump's policy which of course has been the policy in the united states since two thousand sixteen court decision from the ninth circuit court of appeals sedating all the way back to the obama administration kids have been forcibly separated from parents who are arrested for federal charges it is also not true because this girl was not even separated from her mother so they took a picture of a little girl and then they photo shopped it in to allred cover with president trump in the foreground and it turns out none of this is true the little girl is from honduras she was not separated from her mother at all she was crying because mom was crossing illegally into the united states and about eleven pm and little girl was tired and thirsty according to border patrol here's a border patrol agent explaining to cbs what the actual story here was we are to sit down in front of her away from right in front of her and so we can properly search the the mother so the kid immediately started crying and she said i down i personally went up to the mother and asked her are you doing okay is a kid okay and she said yes she's tired and thirsty took less than two minutes as soon as a socialist finished she immediately pick the girl up on the ground media stop crying so the media took this photo and blew it up and they made it seem as though the kid was crying because mommy had just been trucked away to the nazi death camp by president trump is what the media did they ran with this story they ran with the picture they didn't tell you the rest of the story by the way the guy who's speaking there his name is carlos ruiz so clearly this is a white outright racists from the border patrol who's talking about this situation hey here's reuters reporting reuters not daily reuters quote the honduran toddler pictured sobbing and a pink jacket before us president donald trump on an upcoming cover of time magazine was not separated from her mother at the us border according to a man who says he is the girl's father quote my daughter has become a symbol of the separation of children at the us border she may even have touched president trump's heart dennis valera told reuters in a telephone interview valero said the little girl and her mother sandra sanchez have been detained together in texas border town of mcgowan or sanchez has applied for asylum and they were not separated after being detained near the border hunter and deputy foreign minister nellie harris confirmed valera version of events not only was this kid not separated for mommy it turns out that mommy was falsely claiming asylum mmhmm she's not in fact a political dissident in honduras in fact she ran away from her other three children in honduras she left them there with dad dad has a good job mom was working and yet all of this was was passed around the internet endlessly we were told that this time magazine cover was just demonstrative of how america has gone the wrong way about how everything is falling apart our moral status has been completely decimated it's been completely decimated thanks to president trump and his evil and you see people on the left repeating.

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