NASA unveils program aimed at preventing an asteroid apocalypse


Gov saturday jpl nut nasa gov is still alive and they still load things up all the time thank you folks you're welcome tina ram scott edging ten of the cassini mission at the international space development conference okay you've waited long enough here's that story catherine sullivan told during her dinner presentation at the twenty eighteen isd see i'm grateful to the national space society for allowing me to be part of this year's gathering you can read about their plans for the twenty nineteen conference at nss dot org we're being trotted around to everywhere in the universe those to learn a bit about nasa and how it works in all of it's stakeholders and frankly so that nasa can show off its thirty five newest shiny toys and one of the stops on this tour was of course the kennedy space center and one of the evening events was reception and dinner at home and cocoa beach of al neuharth founder of usa today this is a legendary she heads going up and down i'm temporary has gone blank on the funky name for the place of something like the monkey house or the banana house or something like that so we're being trooped into this compound and cocoa beach suspend the evening with him and his wife and we're all on the line there's a little bit receiving line mrs neuharth i'm just about to go up two steps and sally sally ride flying down the steps out the other way and i grabbed her and say if i gotta do this you got to do this and shut her into line in front of me and so when we go and spur of the moment because someone had already joked that no one can tell any of the six women astronauts apart spur of the moment sally and i decide let's

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