Fifa World Cup 2018 Brazil vs Costa Rica live: Watch Neymar at World Cup 2018


Research brazilians have getting past costa rica twonil and brazilian superstar neymar who's been dealing with an injured ankle also scored for brazil it was the latest regulation goal at the world cup since nineteen sixty six neymar cried tears of joy after the match in the espn fc crew talked about neymar in brazil victory center all night sportscenter allnight espn fc podcast i know and i recognize this is going to be a largely unpopular position on this panel knowing that people that i have working with me i don't mind it right i don't mind the emotion coming out because if i'm standing in that locker room and neymar crime means that he's letting go of everything that has come into this ornament of all the pressure of all the things that he has created for himself and that means that i'm going to get a better version neymar going for i'm all for it i'm going to say left now robos equally title wave of tears but this beaten costa rica for god's shape and has been on the same much press himself on the much pressure by his antics but one crying and doing all that stuff and gone on instagram as long as he performs on the field and does the right things out in the field instagram is weighed words anyway i mean come on this is the me me me me every brazilian is pulled on the jails the real talk ones whether it'd be back in the day when zico socrates pele before them the less mario and renaldo all been under the most immense pressure is what makes them special start crying about after beaten cost alexa he's not the only player who's under pressure they're a lot more player a couple more players under pressure i yes i do i i yeah i if you cry cry it's up to him i just i just find a disingenuous last time he was in tears similarly wasn't a press conference where teacher was defending him i don't understand how you go from winning a game of the world cup to breaking down in tears just relief.

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