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The front range mountains odds looking at that you can't see it from this away just put it on autopilot get out there you'll see three degrees tonight you guys tomorrow another round of showers and storms eighty two and then that's it that's it for the fun storm activity for awhile thursday through the weekend we should be sunny and dry and quite warm thursday back up to ninety degrees again so what we had over the weekend it's on its way back for the end of this week all right thanks for the warning i thought she left to go that's right now on colorado's morning news we're following what appears to be a terror attack in belgium three people are dead and that includes two police officers will have more coming up at the top of the hour of things to come just days before the official start hurricane season sub tropical storm alberto threatens to produce dangerous flooding after making landfall on the northern gulf coast yesterday abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano has the latest from florida the state's governor warning residents you're needing to travel just make sure you're very cautious about that tropical rains now extending all the way to the carolinas in polk county north carolina two people killed after a falling tree struck their vehicle the men who were killed died in the storm they were part of a north carolina tv crew w y f f news anchor mike mccormick and photojournalist errands smeltzer were killed when a tree fell on their suv nbc meteorologist bill karen's remembered the crew this morning they had actually called the fire chief in the town they are in about the storms and about the rain to get advice for people to stay safe and then you know the the randomness of falling trees horrible the pair had just interviewed the north carolina fire chief who recalls the last thing they all said to one another was to stay safe a republican congressman from virginia will not seek reelection and the reason why shocked many personal republican democrat or independent is known me for any period of time and has an integrity i am a good man and i'm an alcoholic this is the hardest statement that i've ever publicly made forty six year old thomas garrett will officially step down in january.

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