United States, Kim Jong and Tony discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


South and can create peace with the united states that doesn't involve opening the eyes that his people i mean trump cannot make a deal for peace and not bring some semblance of normalcy to the to the north korean people you can't let keep getting star you can't let people keep getting imprisoned and tortured you can't do that anymore you know that's not peace the guy destroys a couple of nuclear weapons that doesn't really do much that's not what trump's all about so have you no way if you see away and i mean this with the utmost sincerity i would be fascinated here at robin kindle on twitter by which kim jong hoon can make peace with the with the south koreans and with the united states and in the korean war and still keep not only his job as the dictator the high lunar or whatever he's called but also keep his life you let me know ninetythree wibc rod kindle in for tony cats wanna close our program today by once again thanking everybody who is not with us today because that's what memorial day is ultimately all about is the people that gave their lives memorial day and veterans day sometimes they get confused sometimes people random together they're totally different honor the people that gave their lives so that we have this freedom every time i come in the station every time i come in the studio every time i get to talk to you i am in awe of the rights and the freedoms i have we just talked about north korea i'm not saying any of the stuff i said today

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