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The polls have been open for about a half hour they'll close seven o'clock this evening to determine who will be on the november six general election ballot will be governor henry mcmaster on the gop side or greenville businessman john warren that's who those candidates are battling for the gop spot on the november ballot last night president trump campaign for mcmaster in west columbia trump thanked mcmaster for supporting him from the very start henry 'cause i really got i tell you what he was up early in the morning he left late at night i said you really are a fighter the beautiful thing with henry is you don't even know what he does it in a very elegant manner but he is a fighter trump also sent well wishes to katie arrington who continues to recover for medical university hospital following a bad accident highway seventeen friday night we've learned that the woman who hit errington car going in the wrong direction on seventeen had been involved in a hit and run accident shortly before colliding with airing vehicle in the meantime gop challenger john warren was in the low country yesterday touting reasons why he should get your vote today we have a unified conservative reform movement people that are tired of the corruption people are tired of the incompetence people are tired of the lack of accountability in government they want someone that's going to go in there and fight for the taxpayer and only a businessman a conservative and marine knows how to do that immigration continues to be the hot topic these days many say our southern border is just too porous in illegal aliens continued to stream into our country and of course it's all complicated by politics and optics robbie dos santos's from brazil he became a citizen the right way in april of this year he came here on a student visa he says the whole process took about twenty four years for him to become an american citizen he got an education started a business that employs dozens of people he does say the immigration process needs to be streamlined and you can have you know a ten year backlog that somebody wants to come here legally they want to do everything right but then they have to wait you know six ten years the system does need fixing for sure he also says he can't wait to vote california congresswoman maxine waters defended her call monday for people to confront the trump administration officials in public places but she also says that she wants her supporters to do so peacefully the move came after president trump attacked waters on twitter calling her low iq and suggested that she could face harassment for her remarks believe in peaceful gary peaceful protests i have not called but the harm of anybody this president has lied again when he's saying that i called the harm to anyone in the meantime democrats senator chris coons of delaware says he disagrees with waters tactics i frankly disagree with congresswoman waters i don't think we're at our strongest or at our best when we simply a payback hate speech hate speech when we further inflame disrespect for each other i think it's important that we try to maintain civility as we also express strongly our disagreement with president trump and his administration's policies and finally fifteen dollars an hour for fast food employees will a fully automated hamburger restaurant is said to open in san.

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