Eritrean delegation in Ethiopia for peace talks


You're listening to news ethiopia and derek trae oh two countries in the horn of africa who in the late nineteen ninety s four the bloody border war claimed the lives of as many as one hundred thousand people they have never made their peace with the border dispute unresolved but today ethiopian and eritrean flags for student the root for madison out of their airport to the city centre for the arrival of a high level eritrean delegation amid hopes of a breakthrough in one of africa's most intractable conflict sits be made possible in part by ethiopia's new prime minister abby med who in a dizzying pace of reform since he took office this year as also agreed to withdraw ethiopian forces from a contested territory on the border with tran let's be bronwyn bruton deputy director of the atlantic consoles africa center so is this some possibly the end of the border dispute you know i i personally think at the end of the border dispute is inevitable at this point because the border dispute with something that was kept alive by by primarily melissa now the old ethiopian prime minister before his death and bias small to gray and elite after his death and that elite has lost power and i think for the rest of ethiopia there's not much of a logic to continuing the border war and certainly our trade is eager to put an end to all the suffering that's been occasioned by ethiopian occupation over the years so it's not as advanced med has to take ethiopians with him if he is to settle this dispute for the most part no i mean there's certainly a powerful faction of people inside the opium who will object to this i think the challenge for all the is going to be that from the airtran perspective they don't know him wealth and so they're gonna want to undergo a process of getting to know him getting to know what his views are on the border but more than anything else i think they're going to want to see that the shift of power that's taken place in ethiopia is adorable one that position is firm that the tegray and elite is not going to come back into power and re start the war basically that all of these these trauma and is political reforms which really means redesigning the entire system of government in ethiopia is going to happen because that's what's required for peace between the opium airtrek i it's not a matter of simply pulling troops over the border it's it's a long longstanding disagreement over the way that the opium has segregated south necessity and that needs to be resolved in order to really have a piece and that's gonna be a long process you talk about very trains tried to get to know abiotic med assigned safa work the era trendy arabia med two very different people want an crash the other arguably a democrat yeah that's right i mean be all bad is he's just done an amazing job since he came into office but it is important to thank back about how he came to power and he came to power on the shoulders of these romo protesters who were largely ucs you know they're they're young teenagers essentially who blocked the roads into addison baba enforced the e the opium government to release a slew of political prisoners to put aubin pow or and then to undertake all of these reforms and he's doing this because his authority rests on those protesters and so if he doesn't do what they want then i think you'll lose power very quickly from when bruton wti.

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