U.S. judge orders migrant families to be reunited


The trump administration's been giving marching given marching orders and what to do about families separated at the border also a major upset in a primary working class americans want a clear champion now other top story and for jamie west here's jeremy foster ktar is on immigration a federal judge in san diego has ordered the us government to reunite families that were separated at the border and says it needs to be done on a fast track ktar's jim cross joins us live with more jim and jeremy rolling says parents and children cannot be held apart unless the parent is unfit or dangerous kids under five must be reunited with their parents within fourteen days abc's elizabeth her says those over five have to be reunited with her parents within thirty days according to that judge the government has an obligation to track and reunify these families and ruling says it must happen within a month memo of the house expected to vote as soon as today on immigration bill that would end the separation of migrant children from their parents and provide twenty five billion funding for the president's border wall it's not expected to pass in the meantime the us senate now working on their own solution live in the news center jim cross ktar news and this just in one week after visiting detention centre housing immigrants in south texas first lady melania trump plans to visit an other facility on the us southern border this trip will come at some point this week but the white house has not yet released any details i'm guessing that the the office of the first lady might actually have a couple of suggestions on what to wear this time around as well here's dani sullivan in the valley chevy dealers traffic center it's pretty busy out there jim right now you've got this accident on us sixty westbound at gilbert it's all off to the right hand side of the freeway but you still have a mile heavy slowing in the area over on i ten we just got a new wreck i ten it's on the westbound side at sixty seven th avenue the right lane is blocked i don't see much of a delay there but i do see a heavy slow down seventeen southbound between mcdowell and about seven th avenue you got a couple of obstacles along the way one is a crash southbound at grant street near van buren that's all off to the right hand side of the freeway now and then some debris on the roadway i seventeen southbound at seventh avenue now it looks like most of the debris out of your way but you still have some vehicles off to the right hand side of the freeway causing a lot of curiosity this report is brought to you by maricopa county air quality help keep ozone away commit to one day walk to nearby locations instead of driving increase the number of steps on your pedometer and improves your health for more information go to clean air.

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