A look back at Barbara and George H.W. Bush's epic love story


Morning i'm john trout a new study puts a damper on happy hour melissa rainey has that story coming up at the end of the show first lady barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two kristen holmes has a look at the legacy she leaves behind the matriarch of a political dynasty barbara bush was one of only two women in american history to be both the wife and mother of the us president loves barbara born barbara pierce in queens new york she was sixteen when she met a young man at a connecticut country club who would change your life george herbert walker bush married the first man i ever kissed you talk about a blower i am the world's worst the bushes across the country to texas and had six children their daughter robin died of leukemia when she was just three a tragedy that had an enormous impact on barbara my reaction was i love every person more because of robin as her husband's shifted to a life of public service barbara bush remained out of the spotlight until he was elected as ronald reagan's vice president in one thousand nine hundred eighty and eight years later george hw bush became the forty first president barbara bush loved living in the white house as first lady she established a nonprofit dedicated to literacy for george and barbara they're seventy.

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