British-Iranian professor held by Iran's Revolutionary Guard


The strength of feeling among mp's about continued membership of a customs union and it could increase pressure on the prime minister over a key plank of her brexit policy labor has claimed there's no economic case for ruling out a customs union with the eu while several conservatives who backed remain have signalled their readiness to take a stand against the government on this issue today ministers will get an indication of how many but there's been no shift from the government which is again said staying in the customs union would leave the uk shackled to brussels unable to strike new trade deals around the world the foreign office says it's looking urgently into reports that a man with jill britishiranian nationality has been detained in iran his autocratic correspondent james landale said latte is a professor of computer science and mathematics imperial college in london according to the us based center for human rights in iran he's a british iranian national campaigns against foreign intervention in iran it said he was detained by the iranian revolution regard on april the fifteenth in tehran his home though was reportedly raided and his belongings were confiscated is not known what charges if any mr ed latte faces for the human rights group said he had protested his innocence the foreign office said it was urgently seeking information from the iranian authorities in recent years iran has detained several british iranian nationals including nesn zaghari rented this latest arrest comes amid growing tensions between iran and the west after donald trump threatened to pull out of the deal curbing iran's new nuclear capability the chairman and chief executive of the hospital trust which is treating alfie evans say staff there have been the target of unprecedented abuse alfie who's twenty three months old has a degenerative brain condition and was taken off a ventilator on monday his parents have been fighting a legal battle to be allowed to take him abroad for further treatment the latest challenge was dismissed by the court of.

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