Denmark joins some European nations in banning burqa, niqab


Of a genuine reformer human rights watch said this was starkly at odds with uae's efforts to promote itself as progressive tolerance sort of place alan johnston denmark has become the latest country to ban wearing the full face veil in public parliamentary agreed that the law would come into force from august here's our europe regional editor mike sandra's anyone wearing a garment that hides the face in public can be fine under the new law but it's clearly aimed at muslim women who wear the niqab or the burqa the danish justice minister surin papa paulsen has conceded that he doesn't know how many women it will affect fines will be the equivalent of one hundred sixty dollars for a first defense rising tenfold for repeat offenders denmark is adopted an approach france pioneered in twenty eleven last year the european court of human rights approved a belgium band saying commun will harmony outweighed individual religious expression nyc santa's hamburg has become the first german city to ban some older diesel okaz the restrictions will only apply in certain parts of the city if all is a court ruling earlier this year which said german cities could impose bands to combat air pollution over critics view the move is nothing more than symbolic benching spoke to jillian bone a journalist who's based in hamburg what's happening is there are two central roads in humbug which parts of which are going to be closed off for older diesel vehicles that don't meet the european emission standards six in one of those streets at applies to lorries only anything heavier than three and a half tons and then in the other street that's affected it'll affect all vehicles and presumably people mommy thinking well the cars will just drive down some of the streets instead that's exactly the sense that many people have because we're talking about the city of one and a half million people the two streets that are affected are very busy commuter roads and the affected sections off the streets that will be.

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