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I'm jessica harris this is from scratch my guest is andrew churn cofounder of panda express an american chinese food chain located across fifty states panda express has roughly two thousand restaurants in airports malls universities military bases amusement parks among other locations andrew started panda express with his wife peggy in nineteen eighty three its first restaurant was located in a mall in glendale california andrew and peggy are originally from mainland china welcome both cuban much i'd like to start with your childhood because i think it demonstrates just how far you've come from a child in mainland china to now the owner of one of the largest restaurant chains in the united states with more than three billion dollars in sales there was a civil war in china when you're parents funneling decided to leave this was after about a decade of the japanese occupation is that correct there was a civil war between the communists and the nationalists around nineteen forty nine a year after i was born the communist took over mainland china and my father left to go to taiwan however my mother and i lived in the countryside and your mom decided to take you out of the country but she left separately because she was afraid that you're crying might expose her so my mother could snuggle a night and they could be quiet they could be controlled by as a child i had to be a snuck doubt smuggled that was a that was pretty traumatic for my for my mother how old were you was almost.

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