Boba Fett to get his own 'Star Wars Story'



Sort of the anticipation of you know you have a few years between these two get excited or to wonder what what they're gonna do all of that when you have just a few months between them i just wonder if it if it might be too much i mean you just broke the news yesterday that we know of another spin off that is now in the works james mangold is writing and directing star wars film about boba fett is there that level of interest in all of these separate characters when with the marvel films for instance at least you know each of them may be as more worthy of being the centerpiece of a movie right do we need a movie about boba fett boba fat is one of the most recognizable characters in star wars i mean that's one of the beauty of lucas's creations is that so many characters that just pop out and stand out due to character design or to even the these one scene scene stealing scenes that they do and you have to think of like kay landau christian he's a cool cat but is he cool because we've only seen him for a handful of scenes less his more is sort of the model for a lot of characters whether it's in tv or movies you know so that's a danger but at the same time you know there is you said there's business element to this can you explain that for people who don't know just how it was originally george lucas sort of an independent entity and now it's not right disney bought basically lucasfilm and star wars and that also includes the indiana jones stuff and and willow and all that stuff that that george did for four billion dollars and look at the math i mean the movie themselves have earned a ton of money and more than have paid off that investment but yes i mean corporations sometimes wanna give and giving give and will be a backlash enthusiasm will wayne will that's maybe even manifesting itself this weekend we're seeing tracking numbers that show that this could be the lowest star wars opening ever when you count for inflation all.

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