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Celebrities Pen Letter Calling for Release of Ukrainian Director


Enderle september grenell scott fox news he advice given to residents of a high rise in great britain had caught fire last year killing dozens facing criticism in a new report to fire at grenfell tower in london killed seventy two people now as britain examines what went wrong an expert report says the fire services policy to urge residents to stay put had effectively failed badly half an hour after the fire began and yet residents weren't told to evacuate for another hour the reports also says plastic cladding fixed to the outside of the high rise was incorrectly installed and didn't comply with fire accusations in london simon owen fox news would stephen sondheim and patrick stewart just a few of the celebrities calling for the release of ukrainian dissident and filmmaker oleg sense off sense alva critic of the russian annexation of crimea serving a twenty year sentence on terrorism charges in a letter written today the celebrities are calling on russian president vladimir putin to free sense off writing that the upcoming rolled cup games in russia would heighten security of the countries the of the country's human rights abuses lisa lacerra fox news.

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Celebrities Pen Letter Calling for Release of Ukrainian Director

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