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Came. The bullet went through heavier spine, paralyzing him from the waist down for years. That bullet stayed in his body, literally pressing against the skin around his ribcage. The ride from the scene to the hospital was agony. He says, that was the worst riot ever my life, how your learned that he had been mistaken for a member of the border brothers and east Oakland gang that we're all black. The assumption was maybe understandable. He and the other guys in the SUV were near border brothers turf, and that gang had a beef with the Norte news and other gang. The Norte Nieto's were read. Have you ever had worn a black shirt and red tie to the dance, but he'd taken off the time and was wearing only black with his friends when the Norte Nieto's members in the car next to him flashed assign that he didn't flash back. They opened fire havi wasn't the only one hit a friend in the backseat was shot. Three times in the stomach. One bullet, the doctor said, almost hate his heart. He had his cell phone on his pocket shirt that say the from getting killed, have your best deleted at one moment praying for death because the pain was unbearable. The next moment he begged the doctor to keep them alive to look Dr. Just don't let me die. Okay. Remember not told him and he said, don't worry. You're gonna live. His father was back in Colombia, and so was his mom happier, felt moly as he drifted into sleep. When he opened his eyes, his stepmother stood over him. So from now I developed a real enough for fundamental lady because she was the one of the only people right there because all of my family was back in Colombia. She cried over him. She worried about him. She acted like a mother. For some people. This might seem like it should have been a turning point for a young man who had been surrounded his whole life by violence. A bullet through the spine might be eye opening right for a hobby air his life. Did change that moment, but not in the way you might think. And the hospital. He had to learn how to live without using his legs. And then from there they show me how to shower. They showed me how to put on my shoes. I don't take care of my skin. They showed me how to go to rehab and the places that I needed to go to rehab. I won't point. They said, okay, we cannot teach you any more things. We need to go home. How long were you there. I got shot in the Semper and I was outta there by the beginning of February outside where you guys going to send me say you going home, say going back to Columbia, no, homeware back to the back to got shot at. Going back to the har- east Oakland where motherfuckers get kill all the time. And you're going to be on wheelchair. So take care of yourself said that Dr Tony. I said that that was my reality. I said today I was I. That's very true. Thank you for telling me those words. I rather have people to tell me the truth then to be bullshitting me around. He told me straight up what was going to happen. He's like, you're going to go back to the hood, take care of yourself because now you, you're not gonna be able to run, you're going to be on a wheelchair. So from there I knew that I had to arm I sell, you know, carry a pistol with me and you know, be aware of my surroundings. He considered alternatives one night before he was discharged. He rolled himself to the elevator and tried to go to the roof of the five story hospital because I was I, I don't want to name like this. I wanna throw myself down and I don't want her to name this. I don't wanna feel lonely, and I was night trying to like kill myself at that point, but I couldn't open door. The door was locked after that he was put on twenty four hours suicide watch for a few days. The urge to die subsided then came powerful urge to live. He hadn't belonged to a game before he was shot. He says, but afterward, that's where I started gaming. I made a one way or other to protect myself. I need a one way or other to to survive. Have you are joined the gang for protection, but that's not the only reason he was angry. He was in a wheelchair and he wanted revenge on the people who put them there joining the gang that the guys who shot him had been targeting seem like an obvious choice. They had a common enemy. He knew that joining a gang would put his own life in jeopardy, but not joining one hadn't seemed to hope. So he figured why not? And besides his view on life and mortality had been permanently skewed by what he had seen as a child violence in death had been every turn when he talks. You can hear this like when he says, how excited he was when he finally turned twenty one, I was glad when I made. It's turning twenty one. I was super happy. I was. I never thought it was gonna make it a twenty one never ever ever ever thought. I was so happy I was, but then I realized that there's had to end in your teen years or you're like twenty years. I use opposed to end your knife when you lie older, do own liking your faith or your sixties. My husband's grandmother died in between my interview with heavier and writing this episode. She was ninety. I mentioned this because and hobbies world people don't live that long, fifties or sixties makes you an old dude. After he joined the gang, his life got even more violent than it had been before. He and his friends not only carried guns, but they sold them. His description is like a warped episode of flea market flip or sometimes when there will be like a pistol for sale. And then you lie by really cheap like two hundred dollars or one hundred fifty dollars, and then you will sell it for eight hundred. That would be like the best feeling ever. He was routinely shot at while in the gang. In fact, he says someone tried to kill him every year. He wears colors starting at age. Seventeen. I may right now. I'm twenty nine and I'm grateful and I'm alive and I think guy everyday for that because like I said is a ten accounted all charted kill me and he's been like eight. So seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one. Twenty two twenty three. That's when I started stopping. Yeah. Like I say mad doesn't lie. Neither does the body count when heavier talks about his life in a gang. He floats one name after another Gerald. Fernando Antonio, Jemaine. These are all names of friends who have died. He has memorial t shirts for five such friends. All young men who died in their late teens and early twenties for Nando. He died in two thousand. Two thousand eight to same year Jero passed away. Same. Yeah, that's why I've told you to to death in the same month in the same year. Sometimes he wasn't there for the deaths, but they affected him nonetheless and he attend the funerals. He had a habit of wiping his tears on the casket as a sign of respect helix, candles and down drinks. At one funeral, he took part in a shootout. The dead friend's mother won't speak to him to this day because of it. Other deaths. He saw firsthand like the friends, cousin who was shot and killed in front of heavier and his father who was visiting from Columbia. When of hobbies, friends was celebrating a birthday, and the cousin came to the party wearing a red hat and not allow in the neighborhood where I live at because they were like a lot of black color. That's kind of for the gang right there on same by to my friend, who in some how into shower into dress up to get the night. You know, started like, I don't know, probably has some drinks, whatever, and celebrate them. My friend was right there. It was. I one on the birthdays and then I say bye to them. I'm going inside my house. I don't understand car pulls up. And then some people get off the car and their star shooting. I'm afraid Anthony, his two cousins, and we've seen all of this stuff we saw. We saw my daddy's trying to pull me inside the how real fast and it wasn't fast enough because we saw the guy firing and boom, boom, boom, boom, boom point. He let all of the book go in the shot, the guy on his, hey, in his back. And then my friend, Anthony didn't get shot. But I saw him. I come in the house screaming and crying. No Carter leaves in and I try to ask my dad's, I what happened going see what happened. So my that comes out the house, and then they see the guy laying down on the ground what his head blown out. He got shot in his head in. And then my dad was like the cure your friend. Have you ever has a lot of stories like this one about the losses he endured at the hands of others, and it's clear. They weigh heavy on 'em. He joined the gang for a sense of family. After all any talks about these fallen friends as though they're brothers. He tried to protect himself. He has a bulletproof vest which he shows us. I used to. Murphy's.

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