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Are looking ahead at rounds three through ten of the draft this afternoon that's after selecting the number twenty four th player overall nico horner oughta stanford looking to hold onto a shortstop position horner the oregon state infielder nick magical joins the white sox with the fourth pick and round one magical hit four zero six in a magical thirty two games this season the white sox have to on tap at minnesota a double header begins at three tampa three nodal lopez on the mound then a nightcap lucas gio lido pitching the sox have catcher kevin smith up from the minors and lefty woman i the extra man for the double header mat davidson is off the dl ready to h for the socks and the first of two games today baseball draft and continues with rounds three through ten and eleven through forty tomorrow bears minicamp gets going with three first of three days bonfield work at halas hall underdo coach matt nagy the xfl has named a commissioner oliver luck father of the colts andrew lock and a former pro quarterback and current ncwa executive oliver luck is the xfl commissioner elite is being relaunched in two thousand twenty by wwe's vince mcmahon originally folded after a single season and twentyone northwestern and wisconsin are gonna play a football game at wrigley field in november twenty twenty they'll paint the green purple and go to both end zones because part of the rebuilt third base stands will come out to accommodate and ncwa approved football field and they'd seasons ago northwestern was forced to go to the same end zone with illinois because of safety concerns french open quarterfinals americans onto the semi sloan stevens a straightset winner along with madison keys novak djokovic is down two sets to one hoping to come back against marco checcinato and in upset final the seven seed dominik team upset to seat alexander zverev very of his out struggling with a injury we've got sports at fifteen and forty five here on the whole the bears.

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