First human case of West Nile this year in Illinois reported


Two two young women told state legislators today that they had been abused by chicago teachers and then filled victimized by the way school officials treated them after they came forward this this woman who testified at today's hearing says a teacher abused her while she attended walter payton college prep high school i'm here to shed light on the retraumatize ing intimidating interogations the questions of my dignity of my intent of my character after i'd been assaulted by my teacher i was shuttered into the dark felt like i was the one under investigation another victim said a teacher sent her explicit texts and solicited sex from her hearings followers chicago tribune series about students being abused by district employees and two members of chicago city council so they need to schedule their own hearings are look at the schools sex abuse scandal hubert v8's acknowledges there are several investigations and hearings underway into the way the chicago public schools handle cases of faculty and staff accused of abusing students but va who leads the city council's latino caucus says his group the women's caucus the black caucus and the progressive caucus all need answers to give their constituents we would definitely like to hear from cps janice jackson zones her leadership team we would love to hear for an issue how he plans to move forward i want to hear from him about what type of budget is he looking to ask for from cps i want also find out is are they going to be coming to the city council for for some revenue or some funds he says as a parent of two he'd be devastated defined their been abuse in his children's schools and parents were not informed at city hall craig delamore newsradio one one zero five point nine fm chicago woman is the first person in illinois to have a confirmed case of west nile virus this year the illinois department of public health says the woman in her sixties became ill in mid may last year illinois had ninety human cases of west nile including a deaths west nile virus is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito which has picked up the virus by feeding on an infected bird a month after a suburban pension board decided that a firefighters colon cancer death was job related the suburb has filed an appeal the village of buffalo grove says basically that paying a one hundred percent of salary in the line of duty death benefit is ron firefighter kevin harbor was fifty one when he died from colon cancer in january and last month the fire pension board voted to give his family full benefits saying his cancer was job related he was a very beloved firefighter he was a very important part of our community dame brag is buffalo grove village manager you hoped that he would survive this but given the situation we've not been able to find the empirical evidence that supports the additional award in other words the village says it doesn't see the link between the job and the cancer brag says harbors family should get seventy five percent of harbor salary every year which was one hundred one thousand dollars but not one hundred percent of it steve miller newsradio on one or five point nine fm naperville has approved a new animal control ordinance but stopped short of approving a ban on the sale of dogs from puppy mills rejected a proposal that would have required pet stores to offer a four year warranty on the health of dogs and cats instead it approved an ordinance that better protects pats who bark constantly or who are left outside during dangerous weather it also requires pet stores to promote microchipping and increases fines for breaking these rules animal activists had hoped and been pushing for an ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling dogs from commercial breeders similar to one in chicago the city has been debating variations of rules governing commercial pet sales since two thousand fourteen lisa fielding newsradio on one zero five point nine fm commerce secretary wilbur ross would before lawmakers have capitol hill today to defend president trump's strategy of using tariffs to revive america's steel and aluminum industry idled steel in lumina m capacity is being restarted as we sit here in illinois ohio south carolina missouri and kentucky or at hats chair of the senate finance human he told ross the terrorists damaging the.

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