U.S. passengers file suit against Southwest over fatal engine explosion


Who have already been separated from their parents he says that's why washington is leading a coalition of states that plan to sue the trump administration for separating families a supreme court decision allow states to collect sales tax on out of state purchases made online business reporter jason brooks has more on that and more wall street continues to struggle against the backdrop of a potential trade war the dow lost one hundred ninety six points to twenty four thousand four hundred sixty one the nasdaq finished lower by sixty eight points to seventy seven thirteen the sp was down seventeen points to twenty seven forty nine intel shares skidded lower after ceo brian chrysanthemum resigned for a past consensual relationship with an employee violating a company policy for managers amazon stock was under pressure from a supreme court ruling allowing states to collect sales taxes for online sales from companies that don't have a physical presence in their state jason brooks cbs news eight passengers who were on a deadly southwest airlines flight are suing the airline boeing and the the companies that made the engine the washington post reports the suit claims they fail to maintain and repair that plane and the engine to keep it safe for passengers in april the plane's engine blew mid air shattered a window of woman was partially sucked out of the plane and died scott.

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