E3 2018: These Were the Most Popular Games During This Year's Show



And video put together just to make it more competitive and draw more people in you'll get a lot more potential like convert a lot more potential subscribers of apple music if they don't have to pay a whole nother fee on top of that and if you make it easy to sign up i think that there's the biggest question for me is still whether there will be like back catalog content here as tiff was talking about terms of older shows that are going to draw people in that's hard because like you know hulu and netflix obviously amazon all offer that to to you know to a certain extent but the catalog become so fractured then then it's like well do i subscribe to all these services because i need access to everything that's ever existed or do i only care about a few shows in which case then you have questions of wind shows go on off networks too so it's a complicated market that they're waiting into here but i'm interested see how it develops all right thanks for your thoughts on that let's go to our second topic today which comes from tips so we're gonna talk about e three as was full of great game announcements both new and sequels and i want to know what are y'all looking forward to plan poof okay so think i've admitted the four but here i go again i'm just really not a game person i don't tend to keep games on my phone i don't have any consoles i don't like computer games not a big game gamer however i love getting together with a group of friends and playing super smash brose and super smash bros ultimate is coming out in december and i feel like nintendo just knows me not really but in the case of its trailer it was really calling to me because good old gigli puff who is my favorite came on absolutely my favorite pok mon is featured in the trailer and just look so delightful so yeah i i like sort of that innocent fun competitive nece that comes out of super smash bros and you're playing it with friends and there's enough of it's not just like hit a bunch of buttons and suddenly everything is done for you like there's a bit of technique involved and so it ends up being quite a bit of fun so i'm looking forward to super smash bros ultimate similarly to you i am not much of a gamer and i have no interest are plans in any of the current crop of things that have appeared one of my favorite pastimes is really to wait until after a year or two pass to the estimated date that these companies say they're going to get their stuff at three and then look at the trailer and all the complaints on like taco or something about how not of the trailer stuff is actually inside the game so that's that's really the main enjoyment that i get out of that but yet i think the last game that i've actually played fully to completion was massive too so that's very long time ago there if you things on the list for me i am a gamer i have an xbox i play games on my device and looking over the list of stuff they came out there a couple things jumped into my attention one is this ira punk twenty seventy seven game which is kind of like an open world sandbox kinda like grand theft auto bit like way and then like typical cyberpunk rarely thing i've no idea it seems incredibly ambitious i'm not sure how much i would actually enjoy it but the trailers pretty stunning and so that's enough to get me thinking about it the other game the biggest problem for me is the game that i am super excited about is a game for a platform i don't have which is the spiderman game that's only announced it looks really cool here webs leading slinging in it is a lot of fun and i really loved the arkham series of batman games that were put out a few years ago and it seems like this is an attempt to do similar thing for spiderman in terms of giving him sort of a.

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