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I know he's a handsome man he is you know from the dan patrick show sunday night football the olympics and sportscenter he's teamed up with full sail university to offer excel arated bachelor's degree in sports casting full sail university camman hands on learning immersive projects in faculty with real world experience to prepare students for life in the media industry and for the dan patrick school sports casting they brought in some of the sports media's best to be part of the program longtime espn producer and multi emmy winner gus ramsey who i can attest who is a great guy knows his stuff he worked on the edge and christian show with us well he's heading up the program and sports casting pro such a sage steele jay harris bill simmons and many more are involved students learn sports casting inside and out on camera behind the camera podcasting radio interviewing and everything in between fulfill universities dan patrick school of sports casting you can earn a bachelor's degree in about half the time shortest twenty months and you can choose to earn your degree online or or unfold sales campus in orlando florida to learn more about fullsale universities dan patrick school sports casting go to full sail dot edu slash awesomeness does this earlier too and i kind of forgot what was the i know you you came up in the business and and you know dusty wasn't always with with wcw and he did a lot independence and things like that before he he started coaching and in doing the thing he was doing it at the pc and those sorts of things but was there any kind of culture shock or anything like that when you like you said you were kind of a baby wwf brought up there and that was your family when you step away and started back on and went to independence was there any kind of culture shock oh yeah i.

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