CBS fall schedule: 'Murphy Brown,' 'Magnum P.I.' return to lineup


A man in the world of television guess what's what's old is new in all these shows over roseanne and will and grace and now magnum pi reboot now murphy brown now we we will murphy brown fan back in the day this burg and i watched it think gonna bring candice bergen are they going to be the star of murphy brown question that's a great question tom but you can't bring tom selleck back to be in magnum pi can you well bringing these shows back not going to be in a car is going to be an ambulance oh that premiered in nineteen eighty with celik it was fun magnum pi no now they're going to give the the role that magnum they're gonna give it to jay hernandez an american actor of mexican descent that'll apply thompson my friend robert roar coups a very good television reporter at the new york post he has written an article about this and he just he just thinks that there's a bankruptcy of imagination out on the part of nbc or a network executives that they're just recycling old stuff because they can't come up with anything we can't compete with net flicks and hulu an hbo the places that are doing really innovative and groundbreaking work the one that should bring back a seinfeld but i mean you know you're tapping into people's memories and will and grace has been a success in renewed roseanne is a big success so now they're gonna try with murphy brown when they tap into your memory they'll be bringing back car fifty four hopefully spanning the world i like to bring back to that hey this is my favorite story of the day alison kloss a teenager she couldn't find a date to her prom and pennsylvania so she she brought a cardboard cutout of danny devito as her dates dan it has a she has a tie draped around the cutout another one picture of hers he's got a boa draped around him actually she decided on danny because he's a cheap date cardboard cutouts of other celebrities declare alarm works cardboard cutout of daddy to veto for one hundred bucks on amazon so danny was a cheap date that's why.

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