Justify enjoys 'smooth' gallop in final Belmont workout


The g seven economic summit the president may get a chilly reception at the two day affair french president emmanuel macron sent trump cutting message on his attendance at the summit as late as thursday afternoon president trump was questioning why to even attend the summit at all asking aids with the point would be after president macron sent this pointed message quote the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be as correspondent boris sanchez reporting no decision to now from the epa kirke school board on whether to accept funding from the nra for the junior reserve officers training corps a resolution to no longer accept the nra money was on the agenda at wednesday night's meeting but after a lengthy discussion aboard decided to put off a final decision until later according to the albuquerque journal abs has accepted more than one hundred thousand dollars the nra foundation since two thousand twelve to hobbs residents were taken to the hospital after they were attacked by a swarm of bees fire department officials say someone was mowing the lawn when the mora bumped up against an abandoned building disrupting the high that was within the building's walls and causing the beast of swarm to firefighters entity attacked by spraying the beach with water and firefighting foam repair funds from the department of the interior coming to three new mexico locations the bosque del apache wildlife refugee refuge rather will be able to replace the public restroom at the headquarters facility improvements are also planned for the bitter lake national wildlife refuge and the southwestern native aquatic resources and recovery center both in south eastern new mexico the funds coming to the total three hundred sixty two thousand dollars triple crown hopeful justify had his first workout on the track at belmont park yesterday he'll be put to the test saturday evening the horse showed why the odds are overwhelmingly in his face favor justifies seemed to be gliding above the track as he made his way past the grandstand in a strong gallop trainer bob baffert is feeling good about his horse's chances on saturday he just looked like.

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