Afghanistan: Government building attacked in Jalalabad, at least 10 dead


I'm guy rise coming up as we age i think that we are afraid of suffering most people do live longer we've got to do something that nobody has today it's something that you did not think would ever be possible but it's not inconceivable longevity happened so you have to wonder what will my future be this episode the fountain of youth i the news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs president trump says he is working to protect jobs in china tweeting today that he is intervening to help a chinese company that his own administration has punished and peers camilo domino ski reports it's a surprising reversal you may not have heard of z t e you've probably seen their budgets smartphones on the shelves the company got in trouble two years ago for violating us sanctions on iran north korea is e t e agreed to discipline employees who were involved but the us government says the company lied enhancement bonuses instead of reprimands the commerce department punished the company last month banning it from buying us goods then trump tweeted that he's working on a way for z t e to get back into business fast he wrote quote too many jobs in china lost democratic congressman adam schiff responded that us intelligence has flags z t as a cyber security threat adding quote you should care more about our national security than chinese jobs camille domino ascii npr news militants have carried out an attack on a government building in the eastern afghanistan city of jalalabad killing at least ten people and wounding dozens of others security forces killed several of the attackers after two of them carried out suicide bomb attacks near the building's entrance security forces rescued dozens of employees stuck in the building during that attack it's the latest in a series that has left hundreds killed or wounded since the beginning of the year the israeli military says it's beefing up its troops on the border with gaza anticipating large palestinian protests against tomorrow's opening of the us embassy to israel in jerusalem palestinians have been holding weeks of protests at the gaza border and during that time israeli troops killed at least forty nine protesters palestinians accused israel of excessive force israel says some of.

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