Lt. Col. Michael Waltz on tensions between Iran, Israel


Know which could shoot rocks the size of refrigerators into the air north korea is saying it will destroy a key nuclear test facility later this month ahead of the june twelfth summit between president trump and kim jong un abc's jennifer eccleston is at the foreign desk north korea has said it will hold a ceremony for the dismantling of its nuclear test site as promised during a historic meeting between the leaders of the two koreas state media reported the event will take place at the end of may and be open to foreign journalists president trump tweeted his thanks to north korea for the move calling it quote a very smart and gracious gesture president trump's attorney rudy giuliani is walking back his statements that the president blocked the at and t time warner merger the administration had said the president had no influence on the decision giuliani is now saying president trump told him directly that he didn't interfere you're listening to abc news okay from the start off sorolla terry alfalfa leaf aloe vera apples asparagus and anna bill pepper broccoli oh beer is like there's fran berry i make my texas superfood from fifty five raw vineripened fruits.

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