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Of their exports arkansas are taken in by the united states eighty percent of what mexico is taken in by the united states twenty percent of what the european union collectively produces and then exports out to the countries is taken in by the united states these are big trade partners and big trade partners that right now partly the feeling is that we have the power let's make these decisions let's do these terrace but who's gonna pay yeah nobody wants to support higher taxes but this is a tax on the consumer's right so it's a tax on all of us on our businesses on us personally but who's gonna pay and are you willing to pay it don't you want to know what the fight is about before you enter the fight lease i would like to know like what is it we're fighting terrorism fine give me a gun we're fighting drugs k fine whatever right give me a shovel no i think i think your point is well taken it is you know i think the general populace we we as americans tend to be very averse to tax we look at it and we say oh we don't wanna be taxed any more than what we should rightfully be taxed right and we as citizens do have an obligation to pay tax because we're citizens the united states but we also have an obligation bhai our elected leaders to do what is in our best interest right the tax by the way is paid for the consumer whoever buys these kids that are brought into the united

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