North Korea, South Korea agree to end war, denuclearize peninsula


Kyw news time nine oh two north and south korean leaders are hopeful yesterday's historic summit is the beginning of a process towards peace most north koreans just now are hearing for the first time about the friday summit between kim jong un and south korean president moon jae in laura bicker of the bbc reports the count's of the meeting lack many specifics young young has insisted it would never give up its nuclear arsenal which it claims it needs to defend itself against aggression from the united states seeing even a small mention of denuclearization any public newspaper will be perceived as a breakthrough by officials in seoul cbs contributor michael morale former cia director says the meeting is an obvious precursor to the forthcoming meeting between kim and president trump this was all about setting a tone and a message to the white house for the importance of going ahead with trump kim summit which is the really important one president trump says he has responsibility to resolve the korean conflict dating back sixty five years gary nunn cbs news kyw news time nine oh four now that bill cosby has been found guilty what's next for the eighty year old entertainer kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert looked into it bill cosby's defense team promises and appeal norris town based defense attorney henry hill says well that's to be expected the percentage of appeals that are successful is quite rare hilas says the top of the list of issues to raise an appeal will be the five prior bad acts witnesses who testified particularly in light of the fact that at the first trial most of those witnesses were not permitted to testify so i would be quite surprised at that was not their primary issue on direct appeal as for sentencing hilas says the defense will likely point to cosby's agent health reality however is that he was convicted of serious crimes and these are crimes that typically call for a substantial prison sentence sentencing has yet to be scheduled jim melwert kyw newsradio the story of the average sexual assault victim they never get hurt or believed even now but those who advocate for survivors are looking at the bill cosby guilty verdict as a beacon of hope more from kyw community fairs reporter cheri gregg survivors that are out there this is victory for that howard.

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