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The espn app along just wartime freddie chrome we'll find out the giants guy that they wanted if he is the right guy after the sportscenter express here's mark robins sportscenter express right thank you so much freddie the nba playoffs going on right now on espn oklahoma city at utah third quarter and the jazz are fifty nine fifty two big start for donovan mitchell the rookie with twenty two points in this one jazz lead the series three two by the way ricky rubio went out in the first quarter with a hamstring injury is not expected to return the indiana pacers played for their season friday night game six at home against the cavs and the pacers making sure the hometown fans go home happy rebounded by hood hair down by twenty seven stevenson skull the all three to to the other end open man farside haribo bogdonovich thirty point lead one zero one seventy one no mark oil slick leonard with the call in ten seventy the fan in indianapolis pacers get the victory one twentyone eightyseven victor ola depot with a triple double gained seven set for sunday in cleveland there won't be a game seven in the raptors wizard series toronto goes to dc and wins game six one zero to ninety two to take the series four two nhl playoffs game one out west jets over the predators four to one major league baseball from friday tampa bay for the razor red hot beat boston four three that has seven straight wins for the race and the phillies are playing well sixteen to nine after twenty five games thanks to a seven three victory over atlanta diamondbacks knock off the nationals five four freddie jeff back to you thanks very much mark robins is the nfl.

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