Odell Beckham Jr. contract questions - Will New York Giants pay up or trade him? - 2018 NFL

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If he wasn't there it would have been a little bit hairy maybe maybe a two and a half what would have garnered a lot of headlines it i would think negotiations bill get a little bit more serious now showed you here for many camp now we've got four to five weeks till training camp i if i'm oto beckham junior want my contract before going there now i don't know if i'm going to be participating train account maybe this is his mindset that if it's not done this is where maybe i don't show up i think nobody would have predicted odell beckham jimmy this week would have been the poster child for players doing can making all the right and speaking of moves what about safety are thomas this told as a very sticky situation that may not have an end in sight and i think the cokes never were serious about trading but the more this goes on the longer it is the more they might be open to moving at some point in time again i don't think they've ever had any serious thoughts about trading but p carola shown he's not afraid of rebuilding austria taking on rosters at usc play with young players come in and out lineup like the freshman there and so if they have to move on from thomas maybe they will but he's not gonna show it sounds like unless he gets paid more money seattle's in a difficult spot right now matter meter through the aaron donald with a to defensive tackle in terms of communication output earl thomas at three because i'm sure defensive practices and adjustments were worse that he wasn't there that the communicator wasn't there and he could have helped actually lineup some things and help the coaching.

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