AP Exclusive: About 2k minors separated from families


China says president trump has launched a trade war by imposing twentyfive percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese exports in beijing correspondent matt rivers says chinese officials have responded with similar trade penalties there are a lot of business people here in china that would say the trading relationship between the us and china is wrong that the chinese government does steal intellectual property that there are forced technology transfers that there are copyright infringement problems that there's market access problems but were there is a lot of disagreement here amongst people that we speak to is that tariffs are not the way to fix that problem and now there are fears that this trade spat has become a trade war and it could get worse from here president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort was ordered into custody after a federal judge revoked his house arrest citing newly filed obstruction of justice charges correspondent evan perez has more on the judge's ruling she said that this was was about the integrity of the court system and really she said that there was no way she could think of crafting any other kind of order that could cover all the possible violations that paul manafort could commit she said he'd he'd been given many many chances before and he had violated the terms of his house arrest rallies are springing up across the country to protest the federal immigration policy that separates children from their illegal immigrant parents at the us mexico border rallies and marches took place in over a dozen states including california texas new york in michigan a woman is going to prison for her role in the murders of three members of an el rancho new mexico family in two thousand eleven a

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