Can Christina Aguilera Reclaim Her (Rightful) Place as Top Pop Star? – Variety


Being brought to you by ashley homestore's paul manafort is trending right now the former trump campaign chairman has been ordered to go to jail judge has revoked his house arrest he's accused of witness tampering in the ongoing muller pro many people are talking about this on the interwebs right now as you can imagine also a few other things that folks are talking about is ellen degeneres ellen degeneres announced that she is going back to her roots launching her i stand up comedy tour in fifteen years it'll be a limited run of shows on the us west coast this august looks like she will visit three cities over eight nights she announced that yesterday in one of the nights in seattle she will be filming her upcoming net flicks special that will be streaming here soon and christina aguilera is trending right now she has celebrated the release of her new album liberation by disguising and a new york subway alongside jimmy fallon last night's tonight show and yes her album is officially outright now eighth lp liberation you can go get that today that's a turning here at mytalk and let's take a look at your channel five eyewitness news weather forecast for the day it looks like going to have a mix of sun and clouds with a high of ninety four ninety four degrees we'll be high low of seventy two and then tomorrow afternoon thunderstorms high of ninety two loaves seventy four currently eighty four degrees partly cloudy here mytalk now you know what we know see more at mytalk one zero seven one dot com curlers left extreme text no good morning welcome back donna and.

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