Gazans rally near Israel border in blockade-busting campaign


Call mideast tensions i'm jack callaghan fox news after two days of attacks and counter attacks the united nations appealing to israel and iranian forces in syria to stand down the trump administration taking it a step further the white house denouncing iran's attacks saying in a statement quote the iranian regime's deployment into syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at israel is an unacceptable and highly dangerous development for the entire middle east just last week secretary of state mike pompeo visited israel warning iran that infant harms israel the american military will respond jackie says israel asking the un to condemn iranian rocket attacks earlier this week on israeli positions in the golan heights just a month out until the president's summit meeting with north korean leader kim jong noon many of the details still to be worked out a lot of logistics involved thank all the members of the media for example that will be going to singapore allowance even need the kind of city that has the infrastructure to support the state department spokesperson heather nauert says the sit down is set for tuesday june twelfth in singapore doctors with the walter reed military medical center reports the three men freed from north korea and returned to the us early yesterday are in good spirits and relatively healthy president trump with the campaign style rally last night in elkhart indiana admits he's looking forward to twenty twenty two years when we start the heavy campaign make america great again wouldn't work out too well right it's going to be key america great because that's exactly where we're heading mercedesbenz recalling fortythree thousand smart cars there's an insulation problem in the two thousand eight two thousand nine models that could cause engine fires and jeep recalling three hundred twenty five thousand liberty models model years two thousand four through two thousand seven suspension problems caused the driver to lose control fox news.

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