Connie, Kris Jenner and Kim discussed on Straight Up with Stassi


Just what i think is is that i i don't even know who vein is billy zane no i don't know i to be honest i have no idea where that is i have a job that i work in kassian working you you know know there's no there's no commercials i don't i don't follow your the this the stories that you the tiki get back together just say yes in g g zane jeans zane yet in vain in the membrane no no you don't think they are what do you feel about everything that connie is doing right now kanye west yano i know connie i was just made up what the trump and his wife covering him well he's going cray or is it yeah like all of his tweets eve even not just about trump i think it's we he's going crazy with trump tweets but he didn't show up for the met gala because he's working as music i guess but i think there i've been reading that kris jenner is worried about the kardashian brand because conway car but kim keeps defending him which i like about it that's a good point like your answer 'cause kaelin likes trump connie legs trump why don't they do like a good campaign together for trump there you go right so they both like him just caitlyn like trump yeah she's a republican i don't know that okay so who's your best dressed at the gala.

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