More California cities, counties resist state's efforts to oppose Trump's immigration crackdown

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The pentagon is saying the us seeing an increase in russian link online activity discrediting a recent attack in syria by the us and other allies correspondent barbara starr reports the department of homeland security notice the uptick in russian activity is now saying that there's been about a two thousand percent increase in russian account activity accounts linked to russia discrediting the us and the allies over the attacks in syria that this has emerged in the hours before and since those attacks happen the day after abc aired an interview with james comey president trump is again attacking the fbi director he fired as being among those at the bureau who have in his words committed many crimes democratic house intelligence committee member eric swallow says the president and his associates must account for their own actions as we learn more and more about what the president did i think that's all the more reason that the house investigation never should have been shut down and that it was so irresponsible to do it so early as we have more information coming forward every day we should be open to receiving that information and pursue it rather than just saying there's nothing to see here san diego county would be adding to the growing opposition listed california's sanctuary state law correspondent jim rupe reports the san diego county board of supervisors will consider the today orange county with its three million residents was the first county to join twelve cities in opposing esp fifty four the california values act now san diego county with its three million is likely to jump in with not just a resolution opposing sp fifty four but joining the federal lawsuit challenging the state law that federal lawsuit not only challenges the sanctuary state law to others are being challenged in the suit which are the law giving the state oversight jurisdiction of immigration detention facilities and the law limiting workplace immigration audits i'm jim roope right now it is fifty nine degrees in albuquerque our next news update is at eleven am i'm pat alan on ninety four point five fm and am seven and seventy news the stucco on my home was cracking it looked bad stig here i knew it had to get fixed but wasn't excited about spending the big money for a complete re stucco project then i learned about certapro painters they patched the places that needed it and repainted with.

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