James Harden and Clint Capela power Houston Rockets in Game 1 win


The regular season the houston rockets regular season certainly successful for the duo of chris paul and james harden sixty five wins franchise record for the rockets that i ever one seed houston heading into the postseason looking for its first title since winning back to back championships in nineteen ninety four and ninety five begin the postseason with a series against the timberwolves and guess who shows up fast wiser feet closing seconds for park by drives tries to the rack thanks shows the toyota center crowd now that is one an mvp does party the front court wait deep pepsico by shoot for three what a play by four and again patients suckered into p as if he was going to drive right by step back and tickled with another three is six and in the end it's a three point win for houston over the timber wolves one oh four one zero one james harden to forty four point game eight assists forty four point second most by a rocket player in a playoff opener akeem olajuwon at forty five in ninety five against the jazz this one of forty four point game for james harden who scored or assisted on fifteen of the rockets last seventeen points of the game including all six of their made field goals of the final six and a half minutes rockets take the series opener by three here's our stephen smith is unstoppable you could just see chris paul just cringe and his faith because he was just marveling at what he was with james capacity crowd inside the toyota center he put on it after loot show which is typical for mvp candidate and a defeat league mvp with fear it's smart that may will get that award he was absolutely unstoppable tonight had health proclaimed capella but in the same breath he did it without the services of trevor rees zukin bosch shot without services.

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