Understanding the US-China Trade Relationship


Reforms nonetheless so from that point of view if you were going to recommend to the president what needed to be done four or five years ago you would have probably suggested either china becomes a robust democracy within three years which of course is very unlikely or that you significantly re centralized power and of course that's exactly what president she has spent his first term doing and we have to see if it's been sufficient to allow them to implement the reforms that is michael pettis will dr pepper mongering to the diop pm group is with me michael pesticides saying they're essentially paper with this rising china could be in his view heading for japan style stagnation within the next ten years i mean what do you come from on this ogled well of course that is china's purpose in pursuing the belt and road initiative which is all about expanding chinese economy to be global economy rather than nat nation based bottom line is why does it have to be binary we can have a successful united states and a successful china and i would say actually that underpins what's happening between trump and g g has a vision of what he calls a community of common destiny what he sees as a world in which these two countries are basically going to set the new rules of the game so he's using the the moment that we happen to have a president who wants to cut deals on anything that's the way he thinks to create a kind of new global order and i suspect they may succeed thank you very much indeed that's it for this edition of business daily we're going to hear more about sanctions perhaps later in the day for now from me at butler see them on the now on the bbc world service on history program witness with me alex last in this pontiff austin tinari series on the first world war we use archive recordings to tell the story of the nineteen eighteen spring offensive germany's last great gamble to win the war we hoped for victory and peace when your what was going to happen over as opposed to do to play susie lines into the port of split it on me and brought great for boating to all others we knew there we were facing the biggest lie lives the battle which might wipe us all out in march nineteen eighteen gemin trees prepared to launch a massive offensive on.

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