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Will go and you get an hour that's fine i'm going to walk away you have to be able to know when the right time to walk away is and i believe that president trump performed a very similar action in saying listen you're threatening nuclear war again you disrespected the vice president in the second in command of the united states of america kalman idiot call him a fool you showed disrespect to our country on the delegation that we sent over to have a scheduled meeting in you did not show up you're not taking this if you're not gonna take it seriously that's fine we don't need it if you wanna come back to the table you can come back to the table and within twelve hours after everybody's head was exploding on mainstream media north korea sent out said hold on one second no no we we we do want this then they kind of reneged on something that they promised they blew up some of their nuclear testing facilities but they did not allow any journalists there which we don't know whether or not it was like if that was staged if it to me that doesn't look like a nuclear testing thing is forgive me if i'm not necessarily like on the bandwagon of clapping my hands you know i'm not on the bed weighing in on the bandwagon and clapped my hands about you know they're finally you know talking to us again they're talking about they're not going to do this that i'm not saying that people can't change but for as long as i can remember we have been having these issues with them whether or not it'd be you know the threat of nuclear war or this and that is always an issue and now all of a sudden i don't necessarily see anything big that has happened that would change their way of life there i feel like we should be a little more eerie about the way the situation is panning out an agree wholeheartedly that we need to kind of taliban right baby steps definitely go baby steps with this and i think that we are being cautious as a nation but i do like the aggressive nature which is it's totally different than previous administrations when dealing with regimes like this i don't want to be aggressive with somebody that keeps their hand close to the button i'm just saying i honestly don't think that they have the icbm technology that.

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