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There's your compassion you know i think betty harmless back all the politicians and all the people that made the bureaucracy that kinda skin to this on the healthy horrific neck they should take responsibility in the job nip problems on the pack you ought to be ashamed of themselves hundred delinquent they really are they ought to be shamed themselves creating all this bureaucracy and all its full california the again thank you for leaving your hang repeated by background at the same point that throws in a curse there you go that's moist lied part one do you ever want to leave a message at one eight one eight five moist nine we're going to go to hack at a dumpster dax it does have a connection to the homeless problem john and ken show kfi amy king is news woman accused of killing a man and his parents lammert park has been charged with capital murder she's also facing a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders the prosecutors haven't said yet if they'll ask for the death penalty the family members were found dead inside the man's home on tuesday his brother said the woman had been living in the home and the man killed was trying to get her to what we do is brought to you by the kitchen store health officials in riverside county say about two hundred people who went to a clinic in corona have been told they should get tested for tuberculosis they were apparently exposed to a patient at corona care clinic diagnosed with active tb that person has started treatment and is on home isolation until they're cleared by dr police in the west valley of started getting help from volunteers on parole dozen volunteers role in marked bmw's program coordinator officer mark mckeag in says they've been screened and trained on police radios their main goal is to reduce crime in west valley division through high visibility and observation and reporting the volunteers patrol in pairs two wonderful way of going out there and get them back to the community we thought it was just be a great way to to to stay active in the community and of just just help out they're not allowed to make arrests or carry weapons in the west valley andrew mollenbeck kfi news he'll hotels in san pedro may save the day while a local restaurant deals with.

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